What is it?

DevaCurl Transformation

It's A 10

Once you and the stylist have agreed upon what you're looking for in a haircut she will then perform the DevaCut on your naturally dried hair. 


The Consultation


The DevaCut

The Styling

American Crew Hair

A haircut designed specifically for the curly haired girl. 
Begins with the client coming in with no product in their hair and having it naturally dried. 

Price: $75

The stylist will ask you some questions like...

     What's your hair history?

     What are your hair goals?

     How do you normally style your hair?

After your hair is cut you will be brought over to the shampoo bowl where you will receive a relaxing clarifying and moisturizing treatment. The stylist will then use the recommended products on you and teach you the best way to style your hair depending on the routine you have now. 

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